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A Commitment to Safety

Our staff includes former managers and team leaders from the DuPont & Chemours Emergency Response Solutions Team. Each of these distinguished individuals bring a wealth of expertise, experience, perspective, and professional recommendations during emergency events and in support of training, planning, and non-emergency special projects.


DuPont, an industrial leader in safety, developed DuPont Emergency Response Solutions™ training to deliver effective emergency response education to help First Responders prepare for chemical, biological, and radiation incidents with a focus on keeping these emergency professionals safe in the process. This practical, experienced- based approach to training is provided through seminars and hands-on simulations. All training is designed and delivered by certified Emergency Responders.

A Commitment to Safety

Through our history and culture, we are dedicated to delivering solutions to make our world safer, more secure, and more comfortable. Safety is a defining part of our culture. During our many years of response, we have handled some of the most hazardous materials known to the chemical industry (hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, oleum, and hydrogen fluoride) with excellent safety performance. For over 31 years of emergency response, our emergency response teams have responded to incidents without a single injury or exposure.

Experienced Emergency Response Training

Our training contains unique props and tools, and is taught by certified instructors with over 300 cumulative years of response experience. Additionally, our courses have been reviewed and accredited by emergency response professionals and organizations such as the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board) and The International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). All of our courses include practical hands-on exercises that allow the students to demonstrate competency in a safe, simulated emergency environment using actual response tools and equipment. Our training curriculum is geared to today’s environment. First Responder students from public or private sector, military, federal, state or local emergency management agencies receive training that is essential to handle biological, nuclear, incendiary, chemical, or explosive incidents. Courses meet or exceed OSHA, NFPA and EPA Guidelines.

Flexible and Customized Training

Emergency Response Solutions™ training team will bring these seminars to your location — eliminating travel expense and lost work time, while allowing your team to train together. Training can be scheduled to fit your situation, giving flexibility for "off-hours" learning. We can combine and focus specific topics to help your organization achieve individual training objectives. Our core safety values are woven into every course with emphasis on keeping responders safe. We can now deliever Online Conference training for many of our classes to meet your need. We can also offer individualized programs via self instruction for some of our programs. Contact us to see how we can help with your consulting and training needs. Hands-on work can be done at your location using all the latest equipment and addressing a variety of response situations. We have fully-equipped training trucks that bring a full array of training materials to your location for a variety of realistic simulations.

Response Experienced and Certified Trainers

The training is created and staffed by certified response team members. When not responding to HAZMAT calls, these professionals instruct classes. The learning is strengthened by instructors sharing their own experiences, as well as demonstrating methods for operating safely in hazardous situations. All of our instructors are NFPA Tier I and II accredited.

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