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We offer many new services to our customers such as all parts of PSM and RMP. We have skilled auditors for compliance audits for: Safety, PSM, RMP, Fire, DOT, OH, and Environmental. We have world class people that can perform many services for you such process chemistry, environmental permitting and occupational health. We have a world class Incident Management /Crisis team that has dealt with hundreds of incidents all over the globe. You can get additional information by clicking on the links on the right. From 1986 to 2020, we have responded to over 1000 hazardous materials emergencies, some of the highlighted ones are listed below: Coraopolis, PA Truck Fire 5-29-1986 Blacksburg, VA Train Incident 10-6-1986 Pesticide Fire, Woodburn IN 5-28-1987 Columbus, OH Train Derailment 6-10-1988 Rutherford, NC, Train Derailment 11-27-1994 Carpet Manufacture Fire, LaGrange, GA 1-31-1995 Medina, WV Truck Wreck, 177 and Medina Rd 11-19-1995 Pesticide Fire, West Helena, Arkansas 5-8-1997 Haywood County Tennessee Truck Explosion 5-28-2002 Turkey Creek Train Derailment, Farragut, TN 9-26-2002 Overbrook, OK Train Derailment 6-30-2004 Hurricane Ivan, Verona PA 9-18-2004 Creighton, PA Train Derailment 1-13-2005 Hurricane Andrew / Katrina / Rita / Ike / Gustav Response Apex, NC Waste Collection Site Fire 10-6-2006 Chemical Facility Fire, Columbus, WI 5-11-2009 Japan Intermodal Container Response 2-29-2012 P&L Train derailment, Louisville, KY 10-28-2012 Charleston WV Water Crisis, Jan 2014 VPG Fire and Explosion, Bonham, TX, 9-9-16 Close and Decontaminate Indspec Chemical, Petrolia, PA, May 2017 MMR Investigation, Philippi, WV June 2017 IEI Warehouse Fire, Parkersburg, WV, October 2017 Dover Chemical PCl3 Decontamination, Dover, OH June 2018