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Personal Protective Clothing

This 8 or 16 hour class is designed to teach the responder how to select, use, and test protective clothing. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to: 1. Identify the need for specialized protective clothing used at hazardous materials incidents. 2. Describe the application, use, and limitations of structural fire fighting, chemical protective, high temperature, and flash fire protective clothing used at hazardous materials incidents. 3. Define terms associated with chemical protective clothing. 4. Describe how to interpret a chemical compatibility chart for chemical protective clothing and describe the limitations and deficiencies of compatibility charts. 5. Describe the four levels of protection as found in the EPA/OSHA publications, list the equipment required for each level, and describe the conditions under which each level is used. 6. Identify key points relating to the decontamination of personal protective clothing. 7. Describe a PPE program. 8. Given a hazardous materials incident, select the appropriate personal clothing equipment to be used for that incident. 9. Demonstrate the proper donning, doffing, and usage of Level A, Level B, and Level C chemical protective clothing. 10. Demonstrate of proper inspection and testing of chemical protective clothing.