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Distribution Training

DOT Loader / Unloader Class Function Specific Classes This customizable class meets 49 CFR 172.700 Subpart H training requirements for the HAZMAT Employee. These classes can be customized to your specific needs, such as DOT Loader/Unloader for tank cars, tank trucks, intermodal containers, cylinders, small containers, or shipping clerk paper work. Class sections could include: 1. DOT Training Requirements 2. DOT Hazardous Materials Classes 3. Introduction to Hazardous Materials Classification 4. Shipping Papers 5. Exemptions and Exceptions 6. Placarding 7. Marking and Labeling 8. North American Emergency Response Guidebook 9. Cylinders 10. Small Containers 11. Intermediate Bulk Containers 12. Van Trailers 13. Packing Segregation and Separation 14. Blocking and Bracing 15. Bulk Highway Trailers 16. Intermodal Containers 17. Portable Tanks 18. Rail Cars