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Street Smart Chemistry Plus

This 40-hour class is designed for to train Emergency Responders and other people who need to know the chemistry of hazardous materials. It addresses the need to know how to respond safely to incidents involving toxic and hazardous materials from a chemical perspective. It stresses the knowledge of physical properties and how chemicals will change with changing conditions. This class doesn’t teach “balancing equations” or how to do detailed calculations. Instead it concentrates on teaching the responder to better understand the hazards associated with families of materials and what potentially could happen at an incident. No prior knowledge of chemistry is assumed. This class covers the following concepts: 1. Physical properties 2. Physical changes 3. Chemical changes 4. Chemical profiling 5. Atoms, elements and the periodic table 6. Formulas and bonding of inorganic molecules 7. Inorganic chemical formulas and nomenclature 8. Chemistry of the elements 9. Corrosive materials 10. Oxidizing agents 11. Water and air reactive materials 12. Organic chemistry 13. Polymer chemistry 14. Toxicity 15. DOT chemistry 16. Waste streams 17. Chemistry of fire 18. Chemistry of BNICE