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Hazardous Materials Branch Safety Officer

This 16 hour class is designed to provide the Hazardous Materials Branch Safety Officer with the skills and knowledge to evaluate a hazardous materials incident for safety and ensure that recognized safe operational practices are followed. This class meets NFPA 472 2018 Chapter 11. The student must be knowledgeable at the level of operations being performed. Certification from the National Fire Pro Board can be obtained for this Class. Pre-requisite for certification is a Hazardous Materials Technician Certificate. These are people who will manage the hazardous materials response of an incident. The following information will be stressed using classroom and tabletop exercises. 1. Analyze a hazardous materials incident to determine the magnitude of the problem in terms of safety by observing a scene and reviewing and evaluating hazard and response information as it pertains to the safety of all persons within the hazardous materials branch 2. Assist in planning a safe response within the capabilities of available response personnel, personal protective equipment, and control. 3. Ensure the implementation of a safe planned response consistent with the local emergency response plan, the organization’s standard operating procedures, and safety considerations. 4. Evaluate the progress of the planned response to ensure that the response objectives are being met safely 5. Assist in terminating the incident.