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Environmental Monitoring and Substance


Emergency Responders have a variety of tools available to analyze and identify Hazardous Materials and Chemical Warfare Agents and to monitor their concentration in the environment. This training class covers both the theory and application of the various detection and monitoring equipment available today including both civilian and military instruments. The purpose of the class is to increase the competence and confidence of the students in their ability to use monitoring and detection in their risk based assessment for incidents involving hazardous materials. This course is intended for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence and First Response Personnel. This course is available in 8, 12, 16 and 24 hour versions with the length of the class dependent on the amount of "hands-on" training done. The training will: 1. Focus on scene size-up of threat/hazard by using the facts, science, and circumstances surrounding the incident. This shall be accomplished predominately by the use of the client's current detection and monitoring devices. 2. Include specific training on the theory of operation of each of the detection and monitoring tools available to the clients and specific training on what each tool is capable or incapable of analyzing. 3. Include multiple scenarios for both table-top planning and practical application of available detection and monitoring tools. 4. Include multiple chemicals in a series of training Skill Stations. Each Skill Station may involve as few as three (3) and as many as ten (10) individual chemicals which will show different responses on the detection and monitoring equipment used. These chemicals may include: Chemical Warfare Agent precursors and analogs Toxic Industrial Chemicals / Materials Explosives and explosive precursors Drug precursors